Asparagus 101: How to Buy and Cook

Asparagus 101

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It’s gotta be my all-time favorite veggie! I’m crazy about asparagus! You too? When spring rolls around, and asparagus is super cheap at the grocery store, I’m in. Or, even better, when you can find those gorgeous bundles of green at the farmer’s market. Bring it on!

Picking the Right Bunch

So, how do you pick it out? I always go for the thicker rather than pencil-thin asparagus. I think it’s really hard not to overcook the thin stuff. I also look for firm and bright green asparagus stalks with plump tightly closed tips. Fading color is a sign it’s going bad. Also, check the stem ends to make sure they look freshly cut, not shriveled or dried out.

Fresh Asparagus

How To Store

Uncooked asparagus will stay fresh for three to four days in the refrigerator. The secret is to keep asparagus cool and damp. Right away when you get home, cut a little bit off the ends of your asparagus. Then, store spears upright in a container with the stems wading in about an inch of water and cover loosely with a plastic bag. You can also wrap the ends in moist paper towels and drop the bundle into a plastic bag.

How To Cook

Just place the spears in a skillet full of lightly salted boiling water to boil it. Don’t cover the skillet; otherwise, the asparagus will go from bright green to army drab. Start testing for doneness after about two minutes. They should be barely tender, with a slight crunch. Asparagus will continue to cook after you’ve removed it from the pan. To keep the asparagus from overcooking and to keep it a bright green, immediately after boiling, drop it into ice water for a minute or two. Then, remove and pat dry.

Ready to get cooking?

Start out with a few of my favorite Asparagus recipes:

Got any cooking secrets or asparagus recipes to share?

Please share! I’d love to feature them on my website! Happy asparagus season!

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  1. Susan Fell says:

    My preferred way to cook asparagus is to saute in olive oil with salt and pepper. We like ours more soft than many.