How To Cook Hard Boiled Eggs Perfectly Every Time

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

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Every year I used to get so excited about dying Easter eggs! It’s a bit tough when both the kids get older and aren’t at home anymore.  When it comes to dying eggs, I’m not fancy.  I like the cheap egg dying kit. I’ve tried the fancy ones but like the cheap ones with the tablets better!

Now, to cook the eggs. We’ve all had that moment when you go to crack and peel an egg. You cut into it, and… OH NO! Shoot! The yolk isn’t cooked all the way. Or it’s overcooked! Hate that! So, no more! I went to work on making perfect hard-boiled eggs every time. And, by the way, I have no idea why they call them hard-boiled eggs. Never do that! Here are my secrets…

Cooking the Eggs

Place eggs in a single layer in a saucepan. Add enough water to come at least one inch above the eggs. Bring to just to a boil. Turn off the heat. Let eggs stand, covered in the hot water for 13 minutes for Medium eggs, 15 minutes for Large eggs, and 16 minutes for Extra Large eggs. Immediately run cold water over the eggs until completely cooled. Remove eggs from the water and place them in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Don’t Over Cook Your Eggs!

Sometimes a greenish-gray ring may appear around the egg yolk. It’s not very pretty. I did some research and learned the ring is caused by a chemical reaction involving sulfur from the egg white and iron from the egg yolk. The reaction is usually caused by overcooking the eggs, but it can also be caused by a high amount of iron in the cooking water.

If you don’t want that ugly ring, don’t overcook your eggs! Also, it’s super important to cool the eggs right after cooking. Run cold water over the just-cooked eggs or place them in ice water until they have completely cooled. Then refrigerate the eggs in their shells until you’re ready to use them. Hard-cooked eggs in the shell can be refrigerated for up to one week.

Peeling Eggs

When it comes to peeling eggs, the fresher the egg, the harder it is to peel. Try to buy your eggs a week to 10 days in advance of cooking them.

Remove the shell after the eggs are cool. Crack the shell all over by tapping gently on a table or countertop. Then roll the egg between your hands to loosen the shell. Start at the large end and peel off the shell. Hold the egg under running cold water or dip it in a bowl of water to help remove the shell.

Okay, you’re all set! Now, go make some! Here are four amazing recipes to try:

Yum! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! And, by the way, if you have any more tips to add, please share! I love hearing about your secrets and recipes!

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  1. jeannette says:

    Somebody told me many years ago to boil the eggs in salt water , about 3 tablespoons it`s easy pealing.
    It is! I`ve also heard of adding cooking oil to the water but never tried that.
    The salt always works for me

    1. Amy Hanten says:

      Hi Jeanette, Thanks for the tip! I’ll try adding salt! -Amy

  2. Using large eggs I pierce my eggs put them in the water and when they come to boil I set the,timer for 11 minutes. When the timer goes off I pour off the wTer and start pouring ice cold water over the eggs and and start taking the eggs and cracking them and and peeling them as I hold them under the cold running water. The faster you do it the better.. The shells just slide off and you don’t have to fight with your,eggs later.,also you never have any dark,rings,in your,eggs. I have done this for 50 years..

    1. Amy Hanten says:

      Hi Anne. Thanks for sharing!!! I can’t wait to try it! -Amy

  3. maureen christensen says:

    Amy, I just tried a new method that works like a charm and the eggs peel easily whether they are fresh or not. If you put the eggs in a steamer basket over boiling water and steam for 20 min. then plunge into ice water for 10 min. the shells peel off easily and the eggs are perfectly cooked.

  4. I am going to try this method. I love making deviled eggs & my friends love when I do, but I have such a difficult time peeling. I’ll try anything new. 🙂

    1. I always cook my eggs this way but just recently found the perfect way to “peel” them.
      After cooking,cooling down eggs in cold water drain water put cover back on pot and shake pot vigorously up and down till you stop hearing shells crack.
      The eggs will be out of their shells and in perfect shape.
      Wish I had known this year’s ago!.

  5. Have been using this method for years and it really works. Perfect eggs every time.