Stadium Snack Platter

Stadium Snack Platter

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4 to 6 cups guacamole
2 to 4 cups Pico de Gallo or salsa (optional)
1 jar nacho cheese dip (optional)

Assorted sliced cheeses or cheese cubes
1/2 cup sour cream for piping stripes on the field (you can also use thin strips of white cheese)
Several beef sticks

Beef summer sausage, cut into cubes or sliced
Assorted crackers, chips, pretzels and tortilla chips
Rice crispy treats or cookies (optional)

3 boxes Twinkies (optional)
Large rectangular platter, tray, baking sheet or jelly roll pan

Toothpicks and thin wooden skewers

Spread guacamole in the center of a large rectangular platter or baking sheet to form a large rectangle for the field. Or make a combination of guacamole for center of field and Pico de Gallo and nacho cheese sauce for the end zones. Arrange cheese slices or cubes and summer sausage, or assorted chips on both sides of the guacamole to form end zones. Put sour cream in a piping bag to make the lines on the field. Cut beef sticks into 22 1-inch pieces and place 11 on each side of the field to look like players. You can place small cubes of cheese on top of the “players” to look like helmets. Use toothpicks or wooden skewers and beef sticks to make the goal posts. Surround guacamole with chips, crackers. You can also use small rice crispy treats or cookies to decorate your platter. Use Twinkies secured with wooden skewers to build up the stadium wall around the tray if you want to get fancy. Perfect for game day! Have fun!

If you make one, please email me a picture of it! I’d love to see your stadium! GO TEAM!


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  1. Sharon Baran says:

    I just was wondering what you used to draw the white lines on the field? Nothing in instructions. Could you email me the answer please?

    1. Hi Sharon. You can use thinly sliced white colored cheese or string cheese. You can also put sour cream in a piping or ziplock bag and pipe on the lines. Thanks! -Amy