Soup’s On!

Soup’s On!

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Brrrr! It’s been really cold here in Wisconsin this week? We’re talking below zero temperatures! Yikes! When it gets cold like that, nothing hits the spot like a nice bowl of hot soup! Don’t you agree? I was on the Wisconsin Public Radio and on TV in Milwaukee this week sharing some of my favorite soup recipes!

Sometimes making soup can be an all day deal. These days, I don’t have all day so I’ve come up with some soup recipes you can make in about 20 minutes or less! Seriously! I loved the Italian Sausage and Potato soup they serve at a certain chain restaurant. You know the one with the all you can eat salad and bread sticks. I just had to find a way to make it at home. So, I got to work! Mine has just 6 ingredients! You just have to make it! It’s so good!

If you like pizza, you’ll love my Pizza Soup. It’s like a slice of pizza in a bowl and then you can top it with your favorite pizza toppings like pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms, and extra cheese please! The kiddos will love it with pizza flavored gold fish on top and garlic bread for dunking! Soup to me makes everything all better! It’s like a big hug after a long hard day! From my Tortellini, Stuffed Pepper, and Taco Soups, to my Chicken Noodle Soup in the Slow Cooker. It’s all good! Really good! Easy too! So, why not get busy, cook up some memories and make some soup! If you have any good soup recipes, please share!

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  1. John Huot says:

    I love Amy’s recipes as they’re generally simple enough that even I can prepare them…The last month or so I’ve been trying to follow the Paleo lifestyle. Its made a 12 pound difference for me so I’m hoping to stick with it. Anything Amy’d like to toss out there along that line of thinking would be much appreciated.