What A View!

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What a View! - 2Yes, you guessed it! The Jamaican rum punch gave it away! Bob and I are spending the week in one of my favorite places. Jamaica! We decided to stick with a good thing! We brought the kids here last year. This week it’s just us. I feel kind of guilty leaving them at home but, this is our first getaway as a couple in ages. So, why Jamaica again? We love it here! Come on, what’s not to love!

We are staying in a resort community about 20 minutes outside of Montego Bay called The Tryall Club. Our villa is right on the water and this is the view we wake up to in the morning. What a View!We eat breakfast on this gorgeous patio in the morning. Not, too bad, right? The Cooking Mom has hung up her apron this week. The food here is amazing! We’re having fresh fish tonight. Can’t wait. I’ll blog some more tomorrow. Now, back to my book. I’m reading The Lincolon Lawyer. So far I’m loving it! It’s the first book I’ve read in months. Are you reading anything good?

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  1. Have never been to Jamaica, not much of a traveler, which is my fault. Amy, the book you are reading happen to be a movie as well? Do you do the book club anymore at Readers Loft? Just wondering because I have not heard you mention it at all on your show, unless I missed one show somewhere, and the last book read was ” Good Graces”, and that was quite awhile ago..A bummer, because I read a lot of suggested books from your show..all in all have a damn fine weekend!

    1. They are looking for a new sponsor of my bookclub. Keep watching! Hopefully we will have something soon!