Pancakes & Porkies at the Fire Station

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If you ever get invited to eat at a fire station, DO IT!! Let me tell you, firefighters not only know how to put out fires, they also know how to cook!! I was lucky enough to attend the annual Grover-Porterfield pancake and porkie breakfast outside of Peshtigo. What a treat! The Cooking Mom got to hang up her apron and let somebody else do the cookin’. These guys made the most perfect pancakes I’ve ever seen. And, lots of ‘em. To mix all that pancake batter the guys came up with a great idea. They took a power drill and beefed it up with some sort of really long attachment with some sort of whisk at the end. Can you tell I’m a girl? I don’t know much about power tools but whatever the thing was it worked great! I think I need one! I even got to help flip a few pancakes. What fun!

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