Fun with Strawberries on TV in Cleveland!

Fun with Strawberries on TV in Cleveland

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Got strawberries? We always pick way too many! Doesn’t everybody! Bob and I took the kids on a monster road trip to visit his family and friends in his hometown of Cleveland. Great city! It’s so, pretty, especially this time of year! Have you ever been? We love the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of fame and hanging out in beautiful Chagril Falls. Can’t wait to check out the huge Westside Market this trip! I hear it’s my kind of place!

I also squeezed in a couple of TV appearances in Cleveland. They loved my Strawberry Salad! I also make the yummiest Fruit Dip, just a few ingredients! Serve it with fresh strawberries and watch it disappear! Do you have any great recipes with strawberries? If so, please share! Our road trip continues after Cleveland. Back in the car we go! We’ve got a few more stops. I am going to a few places I’ve never been before and can’t wait! Where are we headed next? Check back and see!

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    like “where in the world is matt lauer?” lol work related? promoting your book?