Eating Our Way Around the Farmer’s Market


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Eating-Our-Way-Around-the-Farmers-MarketIreland and I love going to the Farmer’s market together! We’re regulars at the Wednesday night market in downtown Green Bay. Flowers, music, fresh produce, and some seriously good food too! This week Ireland decided she wanted to try these amazing looking spiral cut fried potatoes. Right in front of you they take a raw potato and put it on this contraption that spiral cuts it in a second. Then into the deep fryer it goes. A little sea salt on top and if you want they serve it drizzled with warm cheese sauce and bacon bits.

Ireland’s eyes got as big as quarters when her plate was handed to her. She dove right in, claiming “These are amazing!”. We were walking. She was eating. We were shopping. Then it happened. OH NO! She dropped the whole plate. All those heavenly homemade warm potato chips on the ground. What a bummer. I could just feel her heart sinking. I asked if she wanted to go back and get another batch. She was so cute about it. “No thanks. I guess I had enough. But, I would love a pulled pork sandwich.” She said. Okay, that’s a deal. So we got one.

It’s a moment I hope I’ll never forget. Learned a lesson too. Next time I think we’ll sit down and eat. Too funny! Have you had these fried potatoes? If not, you need too! Ever have something like this happen? If so I’d love to hear about it! Please share! Can’t wait to go back again to the Farmer’s market next week!

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  1. joan juchemich says:

    cant wait to come down next week. love it. from the u.p.

  2. Those are awesome! We had them several time at the Manitowoc County Fair.

  3. Ireland:
    Those spiral chips sounded so good that I could feel an artery collapsing. If I were you, at your age, I would have gone back for the replacement. I might even add some Franks Hot Sauce. At my age though, The guilt thing would probably win over!