My Dancing Bear

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My Dancing BearI have no idea where she got it! When it comes to my dancing abilities, I’m worse than Elaine on Seinfeld! Seriously! My daughter, Ireland has been dancing around the house since she was about two. She takes dances lesson 3 times a week and absolutely loves it! Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop. You name it, she’s got the beat, while I have no rhythm at all! This weekend was her holiday dance recital. WOW! Unbelievable. The dancers were amazing! The costumes were beautiful! And, that holiday music! LOVE THAT! I forgot about all of the holiday hassles and just enjoyed every minute of the show! I couldn’t believe that was my daughter up there! Too cool! The best part was all the proceeds from the recital went to Freedom House, a shelter in Green Bay. Very cool! Way to go Barb’s Centre for Dance! Maybe I should take a few lessons too!

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