Milwaukee and Minneapolis!

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What a week! I’ve been cooking up a storm and having a blast! I was on WITI-Fox 6 in Milwaukee. You’ll never believe what happened. A squirrel got into the studio. It wasn’t me who left the door open, promise! It was running around like crazy, and then it started climbing, all the way up into the rafters. I kept thinking the whole time I was on TV, “I sure hope he doesn’t pick now to come back down!” That would have been a great blooper. A squirrel drops down on my head during the cooking segment. Luckily it didn’t happen! Here I am in action.

Then, from Milwaukee it was time for the Twin Cities. The whole family came along which was fun, except for the part that my 17-year-old son Riley drove. I was in the back seat scared for my life the whole time! The folks at KMSP-Fox 9 are super nice and loved the dessert I made, and no squirrels this time! (Click here for the video)

They do this crazy thing at the end of their morning show on Fridays where they dance out the week. Check out my moves. I know, it’s NOT good! Ireland tried to give me a last minute dance lesson before the show, but I don’t think it helped!

While we’re here we’re taking the kids to Mall of America. Can’t wait to do some serious shopping! I’ll let you know how much damage I do. Stay tuned!

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  1. Suzie Mitchell says:

    OMG! I LOVE the dancing!!! I really think that GDW should have a dance out Friday, I would love to see Pete and Rachel dancing. I can just imagine Pete doing the mash potato 😉


    1. I know! I told Pete about the “Dance Out”! I think they should do it too!