Arlo Goes to the Beach!

Arlo Plays Catch on the Beach

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We’re having so dog gone much fun this summer with our new black lab, Arlo! We’ve had him for about month and a half now and things are going swimmingly! But, could he swim? We didn’t know. We adopted him and we were told he’d never been in the water. One look at his giant web paws and we couldn’t wait to see how he’d do. So, off we went to a dog beach near our cottage in Harbor Springs, Michigan.

Dogs and People Play on the Beach

Besides my daughter Ireland and me, we took along a couple friends. Quinn and Oliver don’t have a dog so they wanted to play some fetch too. I always say the more the merrier!

Oliver and Arlo with Chuckit

Arlo loves tennis balls so we brought a couple along. Okay, here we go. We used the Chuckit, (okay, whoever came up with that was a genius) and launched a tennis ball out into Lake Michigan.

Ireland and Arlo Play

Arlo was off. We all watched nervously. YES! He did it! He swims! Does he ever swim! He couldn’t get enough of it! Ireland, Quinn and Oliver launched that tennis ball out there for what seemed like a couple hours. Arlo swam and played with all the others dogs out there too.

Tired Arlo

What a blast. And then I could tell Arlo was getting a little tired. No more. Time to give Arlo a rest, I told the kids. As you can see he was one tired puppy! LOL! So, were the kids. We all headed home with a stop for some ice cream on the way.

Ireland and Friends Eat Ice Cream

Talk about one great summer day! Arlo says he wants to go again! Maybe this weekend, buddy? Does your dog swim? Any fun stories to share? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Amy Hanten says:

    Sorry Kim. No ice cream for Arlo! But, plenty of dog biscuits! LOL!

  2. Did Arlo get ice cream? He was a good boy. It’s great having a dog that plays like that. Ireland is going to miss him when she goes back to school, won’t see him all day.

  3. Laurie Trummer says:

    Hi Amy, we have a chocolate lab who also LOVES to swim & play ball. She’d play ball all day if we had the time. She sits in front of my husband & just stares at him. Love her so much! Congrats on your new puppy!!!

    1. Amy Hanten says:

      Thanks, Laurie! So fun!