Our Dog Levi

Levis Lovin Fall

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Five years ago we made one of the best decisions ever! We adopted a dog. I was in the kitchen studio at work getting ready to do the show and I looked over and saw him and I just knew we had to have him. He was the “Tailwagger of the Week.” We’d been thinking about getting a family dog for awhile, and it was time! I left the final decision up to my husband Bob. I called him from work and said, I think I you need to meet somebody. So, Bob went down to the Fox Valley Humane Society and that was it. We all few in love with this 100 pound, stinky, furry, drooling, chocolate lab named Levi. I can’t imagine life without him! That tail of his is always wagging. He can’t wait to see us when we walk in the door. He loves to lay at our feet when we’re hanging out watching TV. He especially loves to come into the kitchen while I’m cooking. Hmmm…I wonder why? Most of all He makes me smile even when I’m having one of those days. Who knew a dog could complete our family? Levi does!

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