Shopping in Chicago!

Shopping in Chicago!

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Great restaurants, a nice hotel, and shopping! Hello, bring it on! I love going to downtown Chicago! It has it all! My daughter Ireland and I were all set to spend the weekend at her dance competition in St. Charles, a suburb of Chicago. Then, we found out her first dance wasn’t until Saturday night, so we thought what the heck! Why not spend a night downtown. What a blast! Spending time with my teenage daughter rocks! I treasure those special times together.

It’s been a tough couple weeks after we had to say goodbye to our family dog, so we were ready for some fun. Ireland graduates from 8th grade in about a month. We were on a mission. She needed a dress, shoes, the works. Okay, I confess, shopping with Ireland can sometimes be a challenge. Let’s just say she and I don’t always agree. She walks over and picks up the 4 inch heels, and I just say, “Sorry, not happening.” I’m pretty strict about what she can and cannot wear. She’s only 13. Let me tell you, age appropriate heels aren’t the easiest to find, especially when she wears a size 8 shoe. But, we did it! Mission accomplished!

We took Michigan Avenue by storm and left the windy city with lots of shopping bags! Lots of memories too! She’s my only daughter, so shopping with a teenage girl is all new to me. I’m finding out shopping with girls is way different that with boys. But, I survived! LOL! Have you been there? Any advice? Any good stories? Please share!

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