Dying To Dye Easter Eggs!

Dying To Dye Easter Eggs

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I bought one of those PAAS kits and brought it home. I do it every year! I was so excited about it! It’s a tradition in our house. Every year around Easter we dye Easter eggs. It’s one of those little things that is so special to me! You too? When I asked Ireland, my 13 year-old daughter, when we were going to do it she said, “Sorry, mom. Not this year. I’m getting too old for that.” I pleaded, “Come on sweetie! Invite some friends over! It will be fun! We’ll make Easter cupcakes too!” Her answer was there was no way any of her friends would want to come over and do that. Ugh! Teenagers!

Dying To Dye Easter Eggs 2Well, guess what? I boiled the eggs, bought the stuff to make cupcakes, and you know who changed her tune in a real hurry! I knew it! She was all in! We had so much fun! She loved every minute of it! And, so did I! The lesson, you’re never too old to dye Easter eggs, or too cool! We cooked up some really neat Easter memories! And the cutest Easter Cupcakes too! Do you still dye eggs? What are some of your most precious Easter memories? Please share and I hope you have a wonderful Easter!
Dying To Dye Easter Eggs 3

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  1. I love your strawberry banana pudding was the bomb I’m making this one for eaater

  2. kim skattebo says:

    Amy—Here’s a neat trick when boiling eggs so they peel easier. After the eggs are boiled and you dump the hot water off of them, jiggle the eggs up and down in the pan to crack the shells. When you soak the eggs in the cold water, the water absorbs into the shell and they peel so easy. Hope this hint helps you!

  3. Our Easter tradition that I loved was taking my sons on Easter Egg hunts when they were young. They loved it and it was so much fun! We also did our own Easter Egg hunts in our house and yard. Each egg had a clue to find the next egg and the last one gave a clue to find their Easter basket.