Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

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I love my job! I get to meet great people and eat a lot of great food! What’s not to love! Cheese is my downfall! I don’t think I’ve ever had a cheese I didn’t like. I mean, I have to like cheese, I live in Wisconsin! Every once in a while I get to go behind the scenes to see how they make cheese at different area cheese plants around the state. They are pretty strict about what you wear on these tours, so off goes the jewelry and on goes the white coat, booties and the dreaded hairnet. I may look goofy but it’s worth it!

I recently got a first hand look at a how they make the award winning artisan cheese at the Saxon Cheese plant in Cleveland, Wisconsin. WOW! This place is something special. It’s a very small operation and you can really feel the love that goes into making their cheese. They make five different kinds, all very unique and wonderful! My favorite was the cheese they make called Big Ed’s. Special thanks to Jerry, farmer and owner, for such a great time! If cheese could be called pretty, then this stuff would be supermodel material!

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