Meet Arlo!

Meet Arlo

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Meet Arlo!

Meet the new member of the family! It’s true! We got a new dog! Can you tell, we are over the moon excited! He’s Arlo! A year-old black lab. We feel so lucky and blessed to have him!

Saying goodbye to our 14 year-old chocolate lab, Levi last year was really tough. We loved him so much! We just weren’t sure we were ready to have another furry friend again.

Then, it happened! After Levi passed away someone told me about a great organization called Capable Canines that trains service dogs. It’s a wonderful organization out of La Crosse, Wisconsin. They are volunteers who train dogs to assist children and adults with physical disabilities, autism, seizures, or who are hearing impaired.

Well, sometimes a few of the dogs just don’t quite make the cut. When that happens they are adopted to loving families. So, we filled out an application and were put on the list. To be honest, this was more than a year ago. I never thought it actually would happen. But, it did! We got the call. Were we still interested in adopting a dog? I broke down in tears. YES! YES! YES!

Meet Arlo with Riley

Olivia and Avery, who are volunteers, made the 4 hour drive and brought us Arlo about 2 weeks ago. Let’s just say we’re in love! We are so grateful! Olivia raised and trained Arlo. I can’t imagine how tough it was for her to turn him over and she put all that love into him! Pretty amazing!

Meet Arlo with Bob

I guess Arlo was just a bit too mellow to be a service dog. But, he’s the perfect dog for us! Ireland is smothering him with hugs. Riley has taken on Arlo as a running buddy and Bob and I are playing lots of fetch with him! We took Arlo to the cottage last weekend and he loved it! Our house feels like a home again with Arlo around! It’s amazing how much happiness pets bring into our lives! I guess we were ready to love again!

Meet Arlo with Ireland

We can’t thank Kristen, Avery, Olivia and all the volunteers at Capable Canines enough! We promise to give Arlo a wonderful life full of love! You can follow our adventures with Arlo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’re headed up to the cottage again with Arlo this weekend! Maybe it’s time for a swim!

And, by the way, you can find out more about Capable Canines and what they do on their to their website. They tell me they are always looking for volunteers in the La Crosse area to help with the dogs and of course donations too.

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  1. He is a beautiful prince! Thank you for being a role model…adopt…don’t shop!

  2. I’m so glad you decided to adopt another dog! Your heart always has room for one more.

  3. Sandy Lubecke says:

    Congratulations on Arlo !!!!!! He is a cutie. We have a female Choc. Lab. her name is “Hershey”, she is our second one, our first one “Gunner” died at 7 year’s old, he was a beautiful dog, we still miss him today, he was a 90 LB “Baby”, we lost him way too young. Hershey is a 6 yr old female, we got her at one year also, in fact it was her Birthday, she is a cutie. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN, on Arlo, I hope you enjoy your new life with him, I k now Arlo is happy to be in a “Forever Home”……..

  4. Dianne Lindstrom says:

    God Bless You! My best friend has a yellow lab that is her guide dog so I know how special these dogs are. We now have Cody, our 13 year old Chocolate Lab. He is going through some rough days at his stage, as you well know. We adopted him when he was 5. I will have to remember Capable Canines.

  5. Sharon Grady says:

    Beautiful story. Wonderful pictures, especially the one of your daughter and Arlo – priceless! I wish your family many happy years with Arlo. It reads like you all belong together.

  6. Angela Everson says:

    Wonderful story. I am from Appleton and know you well from tv. I live in La Crosse, WI and just got Baxter from Capable Canines two weeks ago. It is a wonderful organization. Enjoy Arlo:-)