I Made Breakfast for Dr. Oz! Too Cool!

Breakfast with Dr. Oz

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It’s a dream come true! A few weeks ago I got the call! They wanted me, “The Cooking Mom” to fly to New York to cook breakfast for Dr. Oz. Are you serious?! I’ll be there! The show airs this Friday. April 13th, 2012! Check your local listings to see when the Dr. Oz show is on in your city. In Green Bay it’s on WLUK Fox 11, at 3pm. In Milwaukee, it’s on Channel 12, WISN at 4pm. Sure hope you’ll watch!

I put together 3 healthy breakfast recipes that you or even the kids can make, right in the microwave in minutes! Actually my One Minute Southwestern Omelet takes just 1 minute in the microwave! No mess either! It’s seriously the easy way to make an omelet if you’re rushing out the door in the morning. Pizza for breakfast? Why not! My Mediterranean Breakfast Pizza rocks! Less than 2 minutes and you’ve got a healthy, really great breakfast that you and the kids can even take on the go. Way better than hitting that fast food drive-thru! Finally, my husband Bob loves apple pie! Come on, who doesn’t? He’s also been watching his weight and eating oatmeal every morning. It can get a little boring. Try my Apple Pie Breakfast Bulgur. Quick, easy, and something a little different.

It was a whirlwind trip to the Big Apple but something this small town Wisconsin girl will never forget! Dr. Oz was very kind and down to earth! Who knows, maybe he’ll invite me back again! Sure hope so!

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  1. Kris Wilcox says:

    Hey Amy,
    LOVED the segment! You certainly looked at home there. And great recipes. Here’s hoping the Big Apple calls you back soon!
    All the best,
    Kris Wilcox

  2. Amy,
    You were great….very cool about the whole
    new situation and you came up with great
    recipes. You did us proud!

  3. Ruth Diefenthaler says:

    Oh Amy, You looked cool as a cuccumber. A job well done. You made us Cheeseheads proud. Keep making memories with us! Have a good weekend.
    Ruth Diefenthaler-Waupaca

  4. hugo nocito says:

    where can i get a microwave cookbook in phoenix arizona

    1. Hi Hugo. My cookbook is available at all Barnes and Noble locations. It’s not a microwave cookbook, instead “real” recipes for busy people. Thanks! -Amy

      1. Anita Nelson says:

        You should think about doing a microwave cookbook, Amy, that was my first question, too~! You were like a magician =) It was fantastic~!

  5. It was nice to see someone that I know on a national show! Do you still have your book club? It was always interesting to see what you recommended. Have a great week-end!

    1. Hi Marlene, thanks for the kind words. Book club is coming back! Keep watching! Details to come! -Amy

  6. Lisa Andrews says:

    Way to go, Amy! It was fantastic and you did something very few of us could have done – I am continually inspired by you. Really looking forward to all the new shows and getting some more great recipes and ideas. Hope Ireland does well this weekend!

  7. Ralph Gibout says:

    I was so proud of you…..too bad they gave you a New York Minute for the presentation. You are more relaxed and easy going when home on WLUK.

    The recipes were fantastic, as always. Keep it up!

    If Oz doesn’t call you back it’ll be a shame. We love sharing our Amy with the rest of the country as long as they don’t try to take you away from us.

  8. joan juchemich says:

    I enjoyed the segment. Only one thing I want to “point out” I notice you do it during your shows as well….clapping your hands together as you are talking. It gets quite loud and distracting. I hope Ireland did well!

  9. Jim Miller says:

    So sorry missed the show , do you know if Channel 11 will reply it like this weekend ? Usally watch it every day or dvr it had so many irons in the fire I forgot to set the DVR keep up the great work enjoy your show. YOU ROCK

  10. You Rock Amy!! can’t wait to watch the show…i have it on the dvr along with your show that i tape faithfully every day…

  11. Enjoyed your presentation very much. Too bad there wasn’t more time. Dr. Oz looks like he really enjoyed every bite. Certainly will try many of your recipes!

  12. Charlotte Serazio says:

    Way to go, Amy!