High School Homecoming!

Ireland Ready for Homecoming

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It seems like just yesterday I was dressing her in fuzzy footed pajamas. Now, it’s a fancy dress and heels. My little girl is growing up! Ireland is a sophomore in high school and this weekend was Homecoming. The day was a long one! The dress, the shoes, hair, and makeup. Mom’s taxi was in overdrive.

Ireland Homecoming

I am hair challenged so my stylist and dear friend Josif Wittnik worked his magic and turned her long locks into a beautiful updo. Thanks Joe!

Josef Wittnik Hair Stylist

No, she didn’t have a date. Instead she went with a big group of friends. Thank goodness! I’m not ready for that! Neither is Arlo, the dog! As you can see he gave her some last minute advice before she left the house. “Ireland, stay away from the boys. Roof! ” LOL!

Well, we survived! She had a great time! Now she’s already talking about the next big dance. I sure hope its a few months away. I’m still recovering from this one! Haha! Can anybody else relate? Please share!

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