Meet The Teacher Night

Meet The Teacher Night

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New backpack, pencils, notebooks, the works! Ready or not, it’s time! Okay, I’m ready! LOL! I’m not sure she’d admit it but, I think my daughter Ireland is too! Are your kids? It’s been a wonderful summer filled with some great times and fun trips but I kind of like getting into a routine! Don’t you?

There was an open house at Ireland’s school this week.  It was a chance to meet the teacher and get moved in.  Her teacher is great! Ireland got all her supplies into her desk.  It was right up front, first row.  Love that! She also saw classmates she hadn’t seen all summer.

Locker ChandelierAnd, then it was time to deck out her locker. Have you ever heard of a locker chandelier? I never had.  Well, let’s just say I wasn’t with her when she talked Bob into buying it.  Actually, I guess it was her money, so  you pick your battles. Check it out! Everybody was in awe of this little plastic chandelier that attaches to the locker and lights it up when you open it.  Why didn’t I come up with this?  Genius! Now, that they’ve seen Ireland’s, bet some other girls will run out and get one too.

Locker Chandelier 2So, we’re all moved in, and ready for school.  She’s going to be in the 8th grade this year! Yikes! One a freshman in college, the other in her last year of grade school. Don’t get me started! She starts the Tuesday after Labor Day. Have yours started yet! Good luck!

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  1. Trisch Terrien says:

    Your stupid commercial stating that ” it’s not just soup anymore”, has prompted my young grandsons to pop open and drink several cans of salty soup from my pantry ! No , it’s NOT plaster for sealing cracks, it’s NOT a beverage for drinking and seriously (?) book ends? Couldn’t the writers have come up with something less stupid? And then, YOU go along with it? Fact is……it IS soup…. because after all, that’s what it was MEANT to be. Have you watched this commercial at all? It gives the impression that cans of soup are to play with. Stick to cooking…… it’s what you do well. Trisch

    1. Don’t blame the world for your grandson’s mistakes-Amy Hanten did not stand in your house and force those children to make the choice they did, maybe they should not watch tv at all? There are many things 100 times worse on tv, and if your grandchildren are so apt to not use common sense then maybe you should shut the tv off and spend quality time with them. FYI, you’re comment makes you sound like a bully, and I wonder if you would respond the same way in person? We also teach our children not to bully others, maybe you should start.

  2. I love that chandelier! That is so awesome for a young girls locker!