Get the Grill Out!

Grilled Steaks

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It’s been a LONG, COLD, SNOWY, winter in Wisconsin. We’ve been teased a few times with nice weather but then the snow seems to come again. Well you know what, the heck with it! I’m breaking out the grill! Tonight I was craving a steak on the grill in the worst way! So, why not! The sun was shining, I put on my coat and fired it up. Thank goodness we had enough propane! I grilled some steaks and they never tasted so good! Because it was a last minute thing, I just marinated them quick in some Italian dressing and seasoned them with Lawry’s. I served them with my Easy Twice Baked Potatoes and a salad and it was like summer…for a minute anyway! They make a great side to just about anything.

So go for it, get the grill out and share your favorite recipe for the grill and you could win one of my favorite cooking gadgets!

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