Happy 18th Birthday, Riley!

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It feels like yesterday when he was first put in my arms. It was one of the best days of my life! We brought him home from the hospital and I thought I’d never get a good night sleep again. Then, it seemed like a miracle, 6 weeks later, the day I had to go back to work, he slept through the night. And, he been a super sleeper ever since! He was the happiest kid! Always smiling, always reading, and he’s going to kill me but, he LOVED anything to do with trains! To this day I can name all the Thomas the Tank Engine characters, James, Douglas, Sir Topham Hat… Well, today that cute little kid is officially an adult! He can legally vote, join the military, get married and a bunch of other stuff too. Too weird! Where did the time go? I have no idea! All I know that I am going to treasure every minute of his senior year in high school! I can’t believe at this time next year I’ll being moving him into a college dorm. Happy Birthday, Riley! I love you!

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  1. Happy 18 to the most handsome and sweet grandson ever!!
    Love Gramee and Pop