Bun Believable

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You might have heard that my 11 year old daughter, Ireland, is a dancer. She sure didn’t get it from me! I have two left feet! I look like Elaine from Seinfeld when I dance! Seriously! Anyway, Ireland is hooked! She loves it! Tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop. You name it! She loves it all! She dances around the house non-stop. This year she joined a traveling dance team. Which means I’m all of a sudden a “Dance Mom”. Talk about a fish out of water. I have no clue! I play tennis. I cook. I don’t dance. The make-up! The hair! The costumes! All 4 of them! Help! I’m clueless. Thank goodness for the other “Dance Moms”! They are all really nice and willing to help and loan me the eye lash glue. What’s that, anyway?? I don’t use that! Well, we’re headed to Chicago for a big competition this weekend. I thought, “What the heck, I can do this…I can do The Bun!” I am very hair challenged and can barely do my own hair, but it was kind of embarrassing always asking the other moms if they could do Ireland’s bun. Not to mention the fact that I even took her to a salon a few times to have it done. I can do this! I can! A bunch of hair pins, a hair net, lots of hair spray and I was on my way. What do you think? Not bad! All me! Keep following my blog. We’ll see how I do the rest of the weekend! Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck Amy and of course to Ireland! Must be exciting to travel with your daughter and see her compete! Sounds like you are a great Mom! Oh, and your ‘bun’ looks great!

  2. Good job on the bun! Pretty barrette!

  3. Why do they have to wear a bun?

    1. It’s a “dance thing”. The girls in competion are required to wear their hair a certain way. We had a great time and her team did really well!

  4. sandy Delzer says:

    The bun looks great. Good job. Good luck Ireland with your dancing.

  5. Linda Kollmann says:

    Being a mother of a baton twirler who is also required to have a bun in her hair for twirling… I have learned the key is to make a tight braid, wrap the braid around while hair pinning the braid as going around. Wrap with a hair net and pin that in. Works good! Oh, and hairspray it a lot!!! Good luck!