My Graduate

My Graduate

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Wow, where did the year go? Seems like it was just yesterday when we went to meet the teacher night and moved Ireland and all those school supplies into her locker. I knew this year was going to be extra special! 8th grade! Her last year of grade school! So, I savored every minute of it! From the school Christmas program, Forensics meets, and the always wonderful spring concert.

Ireland started out the school year with long gorgeous locks but, in the fall she did something she’s always wanted to do. She got it all cut off and donated it to another little girl, believe it or not who’s also named Ireland. She needed it much more than my Ireland did.
My Graduate IrelandMy-Graduate-Corsage
As you can see, hair grows back pretty quickly! In fact it was long enough to go to the salon for a fancy updo. A new dress for Ireland too! You only graduate from 8th grade once, so we decided to celebrate! Bob got her a little corsage. Watching him slip it on her wrist was priceless!

The graduation ceremony was wonderful! Thank goodness I brought Kleenex! Another cooking mom made this amazing cake surrounded by cupcakes with all the kids name. Wow! That looks like a lot of work! A big thank you to all the teachers. It really does take a village! Congrats to Ireland and all the graduates this year! Can’t believe my baby will be a freshman in high school next year! Yikes! Did you have someone in your family graduate too? If so, please share!
My Graduate CakeMy Graduate Cupcakes

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  1. Jennifer Beaupre says:

    My great-niece A.J. (Adrianna Jean)DeJardin-Pokela graduated from 8th grade at Aldo Leopold Last night as well. She had 35 in her class graduating and it was a wonderful ceremony. The young alumni speakers were very encouraging in their speeches and the graduating class were very appreciative.She and two of her friends BUZZED their heads, this past March, for St. Baldricks Day. That takes alot of courage to do at that age. We are sooo very proud of her. CONGRATULATIONS A.J.!!!! We love you with all our heart!