My Favorite Lake

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I swam across it every summer. I cut my foot on a clam shell in it and was rushed to the emergency room. I had my wedding reception on it. I even washed my hair in it. There is a lake called Walloon Lake outside of Petoskey, Michigan that holds a very special place in my heart! I was lucky enough to spend many summers on this gorgeous lake. My grandmother had a cottage on Walloon for 60 years. So many memories! From my grandfather’s steaks on the grill and BBQ pork chops to homemade French fries and corn on the cob. For dessert, of course, my Dad’s homemade vanilla ice cream. Everything always tasted better eating on that deck looking out at the water and watching the boats go by.

My grandmother and grandfather are no longer with us and we had to sell the cottage not long ago. Yes, it was tough to say goodbye to the cottage, but the memories will never go away. Plus, we still have lots of friends to visit on the lake so every chance we take the boat out there. Here’s a picture I took of Bob, my son Riley, my cousin Taylor and my aunt Bridgett on our friends’ dock with our boat last weekend. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be able to live on beautiful Walloon again. Ever heard of Walloon Lake or been on it? What’s your favorite lake?

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  1. I, too, grew up with Walloon, but as a resident of the area. Even though they were vistors, the Hemingways knew what good living was all about, and apparently your grandparents too. Our Sunday picnics. Boating with folks from church. Looking for Petoskey stones on the gently lapping shore. After summer haying, my father would load us all into the truck bed & go swim, using a floating white bar of Ivory to purge ourselves of the itchy scratchy hay bits. There’s nothing like swimming in Walloon, watching the sun go down after 10pm! That special soft smell your skin takes on, mixed with pine-scented air, on the dark, cool ride home. I love Walloon.

  2. Shawano Lake! Lots of fun memories around that area.

  3. Greg Bins says:

    Home of the fun lovin’ Poygan Party People!

  4. Corrina Smet says:

    Lake Poygan!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Cookie Lady says:

    Big Cedar Lake near West Bend, WI. My grand parents had a cottage on there while I was growing up, so many wonderful memories with family ( and food of course ) on that lake.