Cooking with Thom Filicia!

Cooking with Thom Filicia!

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Does the guy in the middle look familiar? I was in Minneapolis getting ready to do some recipes on the talk show, Twin Cities Live.

The producers told me there was a celebrity guest host that day along with the regular host, Elizabeth Ries, who by the way, used to work in Green Bay. Anyway, “Who is it?” I asked. And, right then, he walked into the makeup room where I was getting ready. I recognized him immediately. How cool! Remember that hit show about ten years ago, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”? I used to love that show! The “Fab 5” would make a surprise appearance at some guy’s front door. Then, in no time, the team would give this guy a whole new look. His pad too! Well, Thom Filicia was the guy in charge of that. He was the one who would completely re-do the guy’s digs. It always looked so cool when it was done!

So, what’s Thom up to now? These days he has his own New York based design firm. He was in the Twin Cities promoting his new book, American Beauty, which follows him as he takes a fixer-upper lake house and turns it into a gorgeous home. He was about the nicest guy ever! Very down to earth! He even loved my Mini Meat Loaves and said he couldn’t wait to make them at home! So, I just had to ask him. “Do you think your show with ever come back?” His answer, “We’re working on it!” I’m not sure exactly what that means but, I’m hoping it’s a yes and soon! Were you a fan too?

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