Riley’s Back at College!

Rileys Back at College

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Both kids are back to school! Hooray! Is anybody else out there doing the back to school “happy dance”? Bob and I are! My daughter, Ireland, starting her freshman year of high school 3 weeks ago, pretty early if you ask me.

First Day of School

Then there is our son Riley.

Rileys Back at College 1

He finished his freshman year of college in mid-May and we just recently moved him back in the dorm. Yikes, those college kiddos have a long summer vacation. Yes, it was nice to have him home for the summer! That was for the first week anyway! Just kidding! But, seriously, nobody gave us the memo about that first summer home after freshman year! They change. They aren’t a big fan of unloading the dishwasher or doing laundry. Oh yeah and his bedroom! Scary! Then, there’s that whole sleeping in thing. Wow! Can teenagers sleep! Yes, I love my oldest son to death but if you have a college student I’m sure you can relate! I have never been so happy to move him back in the dorm! As you can see, I think he was pretty happy about going back to school too!

Rileys Back at College 2

Also, what a difference between moving a freshman into the dorm and this time around. The first time seems like it took all day. There were tears and long goodbyes. This time as a sophomore it took about an hour. His college buddies helped. They know what they are doing and they want to set up the dorm rooms themselves. Fine with me! I did make his bed. I couldn’t help myself. I figured it would be the only time it would be made properly the whole year. LOL!

Rileys Back at College 3

Big hugs goodbye! We’ll miss you Riley! Hope you have a great semester. We’ll be there for you if you need us but, it’s time to fly! And, you’re doing it! We’re so proud! If you have any back to school words of wisdom or funny stories, please share! I love hearing them!

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