Coffee Everywhere!

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And you thought the Exxon Valdez oil spill was a biggee? It was nothing compared to the spill in my car last week!  I was headed to work in the morning and had to drop my teenage son, Riley off at school too.  First stop, my favorite little coffee place.  It wouldn’t be a good day without my cup o’ joe! Okay, got it! Life is good, I’ve got my coffee. I’m on time, everything is going smoothly. And, then it happened! As I was dropping Riley off, I thought to myself,  I better put my coffee cup on the dash so he doesn’t bump it as he’s getting out of the car with all his stuff. From his HUGE backpack, to his track bag and his lunch bag, he’s got a lot of stuff!   “Bye Riley! I love you! Have a great day!”  I’m off!   OH NO!!!  I forgot that was up there. Yep! You guessed it. The coffee cup  on my dash. I swear it actually didn’t just spill,  it EXPLODED!  The entire grande sized cup with maybe just one sip taken, EVERYWHERE!  It was all over both front seat doors, all over my dash, inside my radio, in my air vents, my cup holder where I keep spare change was flooded. I was sitting in it and I was of course wearing it too. All I can say is thank goodness for my aprons! Why do you think I wear them?  I’m the “Spill Queen”!  But, this had to be one of the worst!  I am happy to report it’s all clean now and the radio even works! Never again will I put my coffee on the dash and neither should you! Got any similar spill stories to share?


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  1. cindy frisque says:

    While baking cookies I picked up the Tupperware container of flour not realizing I had butter on my hands it slipped through my fingers and as it hit the floor it exploded covering at least an eight foot area and ended up on the ceiling , chandelier, blinds and anything in its path, FUNNY THING NOT A SPECK LANDED ON ME!. It took me about 2 hours to vacuum it all up. I learned to not do that again!

  2. Suzie Mitchell says:

    Well Amy,

    Years ago my Mom had made me her famous spaghetti and meatballs for company I was having. They had just left (Thank God) and I went to pick up the bowl of sauce and meatballs. It slipped out of my hands and hit the floor. Because of the shape of the bowl it was like “Old Faithful” and shot up and hit the ceiling and all over me. I was full of sauce, especially my hair and face!

    1. Wow Suzie!That may top mine! Too funny! Who got to clean the sauce off the ceiling?

      1. Suzie Mitchell says:

        My Hubby cleaned the ceiling, but we had spaghetti sauce stains up there for a long time…

  3. Happy Cookie Lady says:

    My worst was brewing a pot of coffee without the pot underneath. I only left the room to get a load of laundry going and why, oh why did I have the pot on the counter instead of under the brewing spout? At least no electronics were involved.