So Pretty!

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I love flowers! I really do! I especially love them when they don’t cost a lot! This summer I’ve been treating myself and my family to flowers every week. You come home from a long day and see that pretty bouquet of flowers on the table and everything just feels better! They make me smile! Especially sunflowers. LOVE THEM! So where do I get these gorgeous flowers? No, not from a florist but, from the farmers market. In the Green Bay area, there is a large Hmong community. Some of the Hmong women set up booths at farmers markets and put together the most beautiful flower bouquets. You can watch them in action and it’s so cool to see! To me it’s like a form of art! Sometimes they’ll even make custom arrangements for you. All for $8 dollars or less. So, why not treat yourself and pick up some too!

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