High Flying Fun

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As they were strapping on the harness, I said to myself, “What was I thinking?”   The kids really wanted to do the ropes course at the Mall of America.  Bob was pooped and wanted to sit this one out, so okay, I’m game.  I am actually not too afraid of heights. I’ve been up in lots of small planes and even went on the new zip line at the Wisconsin Dells last year. I can do this, no problem! So, up I went. There are 4 levels and it gets more intense the higher you go.  One girl started crying and turned back within minutes, maybe I should have too!  Easy does it! I carefully maneuvered myself through the course of bridges, steps, and high wires. At one point I passed a very pale faced guy in his twenties who told me he didn’t think he’d be going skydiving anytime soon.  I laughed and kept climbing. All the way to the top to walk the plank and sound the foghorn.  I did it! The kids couldn’t believe it! Ireland said to me after we were all done, “Wow, mom! I didn’t know you were such a dare devil!”  Yep, that’s me! NOT!  Then I read that this was the tallest rope course in the world and 56 feet high. I’m sure glad I didn’t know that while I was up there! Have you done this? Would you try?

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  1. I’m 53 and would love to try. I don’t remember that being at the M of A the last time I was there. This is one for my “Bucket List”.
    Now, you didn’t say whether you liked your climb or not! LOL

    1. Hi Debbie. It’s new. I think it just opened in December. Yes, I loved my climb. Super fun! I felt like a kid again!

  2. gerald kuehl says:

    Way to go Amy as for me I dont think so, climbing up a step ladder is my limit

  3. jerry kuehl says:

    way to go Amy, but for me ,no thanks climbing up a step ladder is about the limit

  4. I’ve never been to the Mall of America before, but I have done ropes courses before. I would give that one a try if I ever make it to the mall. Way to go Amy!