Last First Day of School Picture

Ireland Last First Day of School

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It’s a tradition in our house. Every day on the first day of school I take a picture of the kids on our front stoop. Yes, like most kids they grumble about it. But, they do it. It’s a “mom” thing. They know it makes me happy. We do it in the exact same spot every single year. You too?

Well, this year it was different. When I asked her Monday morning, my daughter, Ireland said “sure mom, no problem”. She knew this was a biggee for me. Our dog, Arlo followed her right out the front door. He pretty much follows her everywhere. LOL! He was getting in that picture too. No bones about it.

So, I took a few pictures and then it really hit me. I started to cry. You see Ireland is my baby. My son Riley is in college. So she is my youngest. This year she is a senior at Notre Dame Academy in Green Bay. This is it! This is my very last first day of school picture. Can anybody else relate? Man, this is hard! Crazy how time flies! I can’t even believe she’ll be going off to college soon.

Until then, I’m going to soak up every last moment I have with her, from Friday night football games to school plays. Ireland loves to act, sing and dance so she’ll be trying out for the high school musical soon!

Most of all I’m just going to savor the little stuff like our times together in the kitchen! I like to think we cook up some seriously good memories together! It’s amazing how much she’s grown and changed over the years. Here’s a couple first day of school pictures from the past.

Ireland and Friend Hope as Juniors

Ireland First School Day When Little

I hope you all have a great back to school experience! If anybody has any similar experiences please share! Sometimes it helps to put what I feel in writing. Looks like I’m going to do a lot of blogging this school year to get me through! So, check back soon!

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  1. Nancy Fell says:

    I know exactly where you are coming from. It was just yesterday I was sending my 2 daughters off to Kindergarten. Then when they went to college which was in Milwaukee and we lived in Waukesha, I cried……. The house just wasn’t the same without them. They chose to live in the dorms. Although our oldest daughter was home more than in her dorm. 🙂 They are now both married with children of their own. I bought them each for Mothers Day a book by Karen Kingsbury called something about “their lasts.” I told them to enjoy everything as you don’t know when it will be “their last.” Such as handing you a handful of dandelions from the backyard etc. Thanks, Nancy

    1. Amy Hanten says:

      Thanks Nancy for sharing! Sounds like I need to get that book! -Amy