The Little Things in Life!

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Okay, so I was checking out of my hotel in Milwaukee after my day that could have gone better. Ireland and I were both starving for lunch. Should we head back to Green Bay or stop for a bite here? There it was. This cute little Mexican place on the side of the road. Nothing fancy. You know me, I don’t do chains. I was all about it. Ireland wasn’t too sure. So, we asked the people coming out the door, “How’s the food?” After they raved about it, we got out of the car and headed inside. Ireland noticed they had a patio and asked me if I wanted to sit outside. It felt kind of cool but okay, sure. We found a table in the sun and it felt so good. The waitress said we had to try the guacamole, so we did. It was delish! Their salsa was fantastic too! We were told that the special of the day was swordfish tacos. Yep! That’s what I am having. Can you say AMAZING! Whole pieces of swordfish, with romaine lettuce, and crumbled Mexican cheese wrapped in warm, corn tortillas with a yummy sauce served with rice and beans. They were so fresh and wonderful! Ireland went for the steak tacos. A whole little steak, not just little pieces, wrapped in tortillas with a special sauce. She loved them! The sun was shining, we were laughing and talking. We hung out and enjoyed one of the best lunches I’ve ever had. All of a sudden my not so great day was getting much better! We were having so much fun we decided to stay a little longer in Milwaukee and do some shopping too. I’m learning it really is about the little things, not the fancy stuff. It’s a day I’ll never forget! Sometimes it’s best not to have a plan and just let life happen. You know what I mean? By the way the little Mexican place is called Poco Loco Cantina. You need to eat here! I can’t wait to go back there!

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