Fun in the Sun

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We are having so much fun in the sun, maybe a little too much! We went body surfing. The waves were fantastic! We also went snorkeling. Talk about fun! It was a first for both my kids. I held Ireland’s hand as she saw a a whole new world under the sea! It’s something I’ll never forget! Like all kids, mine just love hanging out by the pool the best! Keep guessing. So far a few people have gotten close. Where are we?

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  1. Cheryle Schommer says:

    Barbados, just a guess, I’m , sure it’s an Island somewhere… wish I was there that’s for sure. By the way you are missing out on the17 1/2″ of snow that got dumped on us, have fun….

    1. Good guess, Cheryle. No snow where we are, but I don’t think they get snow in Barbados either!

  2. Cindy Apperson says:

    Oh what memories! Bet you and Ireland will never forget it! I made my guess, just had to peek and see how you were getting along. Forget about us for a bit! Have fun.

  3. Bonnie Bigelow says:

    I am thinking you are in Hawaii….and if you are, you forgot me!! LOL

    1. Not Hawaii, but paradise just the same. I guess Levi (our meatloaf loving dog) thinks we forgot to pack him in our suitcase too!