Levi’s Lovin’ Fall!

Levis Lovin Fall

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Levis Lovin FallLevi, our 13 year-old chocolate lab just loves this time of year! The leaves are still pretty in our neighborhood, but a lot of them have fallen off the trees. Levi, loves the cooler weather. I love watching my ‘ole guy hang out in the yard. If only dogs could talk! Levi has a large tumor. It was discovered back in spring. We feel so blessed to still have him with us! We never thought he’d make it through the summer. But, he did! He moves a little slower these days but, don’t we all? He’s happy and healthy, loving this fall. So, am I! Hope you are too! Breath it in! Enjoy raking the leaves, picking pumpkins, and the little stuff! Winter will be here before you know it!

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