Tennis Anyone?

Tennis Anyone?

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I just couldn’t resist! How dog gone cute is this? After finding out recently that our 13 year old chocolate lab, Levi, may not be with us much longer, we’ve been giving him lots of extra love! We’ve been snapping lots of pictures too. I am happy to report that he’s doing really well, so well that we were able to take him up to our cottage over Memorial Day weekend. He loves it there! From the dog park, to the beach, what’s not to love? While Bob and I played tennis, he watched on the sidelines, cheering for me of course! LOL! I loaned him my visor. He had it on for all of about 30 seconds. Just long enough for me to get this picture. So, why in the world do we dress up our dogs? Because they look so darn cute! Do you dress up yours?

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  1. Dogs are family. You will feel the loss. I lost three and each time it gets worse. I’m teary just writing this.

    Love him while you still have him and then cherish the memories you made together.

  2. marcia ward says:

    we love levi!! and our time with all of you! xoxo with an extra xo for sweet levi.

  3. joan juchemich says:

    goodbyes are never easy. i am sure your kids will be devastated; levi must be like a sibling to them. Are you planning on getting another after he passes? I know you speak of him often…he is one of your family! Take care, Amy!

    1. Thanks Joan. I am sure we will get another dog but I can’t even think about that now. We are just loving up Levi and enjoying every minute with him! -Amy

  4. Love the picture of your cheering fan, Levi the dog. I am happy to hear he is doing better.

    Levi the dog, Keep on cheering Amy on !

  5. Too cute Amy….Enjoy your time with Levi…