Doing The Dells!

Doing the Dells

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Doing the DellsWe go every year. The kids love it! Going to Wisconsin Dells is just plain, good fun! There is so much to do! The kids love the waterslides, of course! My favorite part has to be, the food! Wow! This trip we really hit the jackpot!

On our first night we ate at this great place, overlooking Lake Delton. Check out the view! Here’s the kids hanging out on the patio. The coolest part, if you time it right you can actually sit outside and watch the famous Tommy Bartlett Waterski Show. We timed it perfectly! Too cool! These guys and gals are amazing! I can barely get up on water skis! Then, I’m sore for days!

Ravina Bay Appetizer PlatterAnyway, back to the food at Ravina Bay. Look at this huge appetizer platter. Can you say yum! These things that look like porcupines are actually loaded mashed potato balls, surrounded by shoe string potatoes, then they deep fry them and serve this with several dipping sauces. AMAZING! Great burgers and wraps too!

Loaded Mashed Potato BallsThis isn’t the only good food we found! Check back later to see what else was on the menu. We got a little adventurous, and I’m not just talking about the food! Have you ever been to the Dells or to the Tommy Bartlett show? What are your favorite places in the Dells? You know me, I’ll go anywhere for good food!

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  1. For the absolute best, you have to try the DelBar in Wisconsin Dells. Their steaks (and their lobster) are the best in the state, I swear. Actually, I’ve never had anything there that wasn’t excellent — from the salad to the steaks to the wonderful mashed Yukon Gold potatoes. Yum!