So Thankful!

So Thankful!

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For me, besides a lot of great food, Thanksgiving is a day to take breath and soak it all in. It’s a day to just slow down and take a minute to appreciate all we have! I have so much to be thankful for this year! First of all Riley’s home! It’s been really weird not having my oldest around the house the last few months! He’s loving his freshman year in college but, it sure is good to have him home for a few days. Can any of you relate to having a kid come home for the holidays? It’s all new to me. Having my whole gang together just feels so special! I’m savoring every minute of it! Ireland is loving having her big brother home too!

We’re also so thankful for good health! Not just for my family but, I’m happy to report that Levi, the dog is doing great! After a week of my Home Cooking and antibiotics he’s feeling much better! He’s even back to his dry dog food! YES! The gravy and chicken stock on the dry dog food worked like a charm! Thanks for all the advice! Also, a huge thank you to you! Thanks for liking my website, my cookbooks, and for supporting my passion to get families back to the table! This has always been a dream of mine! You have made my dreams come true! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Don’t sweat the small stuff and cook up some memories!

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  1. Rich Hanten says:

    Thanks to Mimi and Nana for bringing Levi back for however long. You all deserve the love from a loyal dog for however long. And you all deserved a wonderful Thanksgiving time. It is nice to hear of major effort being rewarded.
    Love from Dad

  2. Joyce Guard says:

    Just sent my son back to Rochester, MN where he is a fireman/paramedic. He came home to Carney, Michigan for hunting but has to work tomorrow (Thanksgiving).

    Went through the college routine with our daughter (the oldest) in 1992, when she went to college in the chicago area.

    Where can I find the pattern for your apron?