Jamaican Rum Punch

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Paradise!We did it! We wanted to do it at 5, then 10, and 15, but we never could make it happen. Bob and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in July! It’s been ages since we’ve gone on vacation without the kids. Here we are! It’s paradise! We left behind cold and snow and are loving the 80 degrees and sunshine, not to mention the Rum Punch! Where are we? Take a guess? I will give you a few clues over the next couple days. So check back! I promise to post some recipes from the trip too!

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  1. You both so deserve it-relax!

  2. joan juchemich says:

    RUM? Bahamas or Jamaica. I know you have wanted to go back to Paris but the weather and punch dont fit…. Im jealous! ENJOY your time off!!!!

  3. Happy Cookie Lady says:

    I’m guessing Jamaica. Where ever you are enjoy, you deserve a break!