Savoring Summer!

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It was magical! Did you ever have one of those days where there were no set plans? You know, you wake up and you don’t have anywhere you need to be and the day is full of promise. We had one over the weekend! it turned out to be one of those days I’ll never forget! Bob, Ireland, Levi (the dog), and I got up early Saturday to go for coffee (Ireland had hot cocoa.) We went to one of my favorite coffee shops and sat outside to soak up the morning sun. From there it was off to a nearby park for some tennis. We finished at about 11am. What next? It’s just too beautiful outside to not enjoy every second of this weather. It won’t be around for long! Forget the chores! They will be there tomorrow! We went home, got Riley up, (he’s a teenager and it was his first week of school so we let him sleep in a bit) and loaded up the bikes. Off we went to Door County to savor the last days of summer. We went to one of our favorite bike riding spots. Have you ever been to Peninsula State Park? It is absolutely gorgeous! If you haven’t been, you need to go some time! We saw deer, wild turkey, climbed Eagle tower, the works. The best part was that we were all just hanging out together. Bob and just couldn’t stop smiling. This is what it’s all about! Have you ever had a day like this that just got better and better? I think we all need more of them!

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