Are you Ready for Some Football?

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I can’t believe it’s finally here! No more pre-season stuff, it’s time for the real deal! I don’t know about you, but here in Green Bay we’re ready! Bring it! Seems like everybody and their brother is in town for the big NFL kickoff game between the Packers and the Saints.

The TV station where I work is right near all the action. This week they built what they are calling a “Football Village”. It’s practically in the station’s backyard and tomorrow night before the game there is a free concert there with Kid Rock and Maroon 5. My super cute co-worker, Emily Deem, was handpicked by the NFL to get the party started and introduce the bands. Guess, they didn’t want a middle aged mom like me! LOL! Anyway, the kids are begging to go so yep, we’re doing it. We don’t have tickets to the game but we’re going down for the concert and pre-game party. I even broke down and bought a new Packers shirt this year. Trust me, it was long overdue! It even has some bling on it. Don’t worry I’m not going Beverley Hills on you, just a few rhinestones. My daughter Ireland as you can see has her game day outfit all set too. Are you going? If not what’s your game day plan? What’s on the menu? Need some ideas, make my Beer Dip or my Brat Bundles.


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  1. She looks so ADORABLE all decked out in her Packer gear!! ….

    Wow – and great story how Emily got chosen for this ‘fun & important’ role 2nt. Good 4 her !!

    Thanks for sharing the story Amy!! 🙂