Farewell Farmers Market

Farewell Farmers Market - Ireland

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I love fall! I also love to shop. And, when that shopping involves food, even better! My favorite shopping buddy is my daughter, Ireland! So, when I heard it was the last farmers market of the season, hello, I’m so there! Ireland was in too! We have a great farmers market Wednesday afternoons in downtown Green Bay.

Farewell Farmers Market

It’s like one big party! Everybody goes! It starts in June and goes through October. I can’t wait for it to start in the summer. We go all the time and load up. When the season starts its fresh berries. A few weeks later I get so excited when the first tomatoes arrive. Then, that heavenly sweet corn. And finally, toward the end of the season the colors at the market start to get a little deeper.

We were in for a real treat this week! Ireland loves squash! Spaghetti squash and acorn are her favorites. Well, we found both!

Farewell Farmers Market - Squash

I just had to pickup a few tomatoes and ears of corn too. One last taste of summer.

Farewell Farmers Market - Corn

And finally, a bouquet of fall flowers. It’s such a treat to have fresh flowers in the house. They just make me smile! How could I pass up these beauties! Especially for under 10 bucks a bouquet! And, one prettier than the next.

Farewell Farmers Market - Flowers

Bouquet in hand, and bags overflowing with bounty, it was time. I admit, it was kind of sad to leave the farmers market this time. Where did the season go? Wow, that was quick! Ireland and I waved goodbye. Nine more months and we’ll be back! Until then, I’ve got lots of squash too cook! Acorn squash with a little butter and brown sugar! That’s the way Ireland and Bob like it. Nice and simple! A true taste of fall! What’s your favorite thing to make in fall? I’d love to share your recipes!

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