Apple of My Eye!

Apple of My Eye

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We do it every year! It never gets old and I just can’t wait to go! Ireland and I, and sometimes a friend or two of hers, go apple picking. This is the good stuff! No TV or cell phones. Just us and the beautiful Fall colors and all those gorgeous apples. We’ve got our bags and baskets and we’re armed and ready. For just a an hour or two it’s apple heaven! We pick, we eat a few, we soak in the fall colors. We forget the crazy, busy schedule of everyday life and enjoy the moment! We’ve picked bushels full and now it’s time to head inside the farm market! Apple of My EyeCaramel apples, apple butter and more! Don’t forget to pick up a jug or two of hot apple cider. I take it home, jazz it up a bit, and, sipping Hot Apple Cider by the fire, it’s pure heaven! We always pick way too many apples! You too? What do you do with them? I’ll be posting a few of my favorite recipes so, keep checking back! Have any good apple recipes? Please share!

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