First Packers Game!

First Packer Game

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She’s been begging! “When do I get to go to a Packers game?” We love our Packers in Green Bay! Ever since she was a little girl, my daughter Ireland has been sporting green and gold on game days. Actually that’s pretty much mandatory here. Watching the game on TV is a Sunday ritual. Before the game is even over, I’m already thinking about the game day spread I’m going to put together for next weekend. We rarely go to the games because tickets are pretty hard to come by. Not to mention they’re pricey! I’ll never forget taking my college aged son Riley to his first game a few years ago. Believe it or not one of his first words was “Packers”. That’s just how it is in this town! We eat, breath, and sleep football.

So, now it was Ireland’s turn! She’s always wanted to go to a game. Well, guess what? You’re going sweetie! The Packers vs. the Cleveland Browns. With a forecast calling for rain and chilly weather, we layered up! I think we bought the last 4 rain ponchos too. Ireland went with her best friend Hope.

First Packer Game - Ireland and Hope

Bob and I went with our friends Rhonda and Patrick. After seeing the girls pose, Rhonda and I thought we should follow their lead. Too funny!

First Packer Game - Pose

There’s just something about walking through the gates into Lambeau Field. I get goosebumps! It’s a pretty special stadium!

First Packer Game - Stadium

Well, the game was a blast, despite the pouring rain. Thank goodness for those rain ponchos and the seat cushions too! Sorry to Bob’s family from Cleveland and all the other Browns fans. Packers won 31 to 13. GO PACK! Now, Ireland is hooked! “When do I get to another game?” LOL!

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