Cookin’ for Levi, the Dog!

Cookin for Levi the Dog

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Our dog, Levi has had a tough week. At 14 years old, our chocolate lab is a senior, and is slowing down quite a bit. Aren’t we all. Anyway, I could just tell he wasn’t feeling well, so I rushed him to the vet this week. Yikes, I was so nervous! They ran some tests. It seemed like it took forever for the results! Let’s just say I have very short finger nails now. Finally, the vet called us into the office. Good news. He says it looks like Levi just has an infection. He gave us some antibiotics and prescribed a special diet. Get this. I now am cooking for a dog. Yep, it’s true! 4 cups of lean ground beef mixed with rice every day until he feels better. Let’s just say Levi is loving it! Not sure he’ll ever go back to dry dog food now! LOL! Anyway, we’re taking it day by day but, he seems to be doing better. Have you ever cooked for your dog? Did it help? I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep this good old boy happy and comfortable. But, when it’s time, I know we’ll have to let him go. Until then, I’ll keep cookin’!

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  1. Ground turkey or chicken works great with rice you are blessed to have Levi this long most large dogs only live to 13 I have been a dog groomer for 40 years and have owned several bird dogs. They are our kids even my kids said so. I accidentally found your page on Pinterest glad to have found you. I live in Clute Texas 50 miles south oh Houston. No snow for us it’s so rare here we really get excited when we do get it. We ‘ve only had one white Christmas in my lifetime and I’m 66 . Looking forward to trying your receipts

  2. Rich Hanten says:

    Keep going Levi – We had to do that with our dog – she get well………….but fat!!
    I think we overdid it a little. Maybe oil in the pan or chicken broth on the dry food so she would eat it. Not sure but we are cutting back to try and get her back to her desired weight.

  3. Hi Amy, I too have cooked special foods for my dog/dogs. As a past Vizsla breeder and competitive dog shows I would make homade liver treats. Puree 1 lb chicken, beef or pork liver (I prefer chicken-less smell) add about 1/2 tsp. garlic powder, 1 tsp. powdered brewers yeast and enough courn meal to make a sticky yet pourable batter. Spread on a cookie sheet or cake pan about 1/2″ thick. Bake at 325 degrees until top looses its shine. Cut into bite size pieces, put in zip loc baggies. Use as treats or training aides. Freezes well.
    Also, I only feed my dog chicken jerky that I have made myself in my dehydrator. No “unknown” toxic additives from overseas. ALL NATURAL. I get the frozen 3 lb. boneless skinless chicken breast bags on sale. Simply defrost, slice thin and dehydrate for approx. 12 hrs. For less than $5 your dog will love these!
    My senior dog Blaze and I wish a happy, healthy life to Levi.

    1. Oops, long day…..dry ingredient in liver treats is “CORN meal”. Sorry for the type O.

  4. Yes, I’ve had to do the hamburger and rice diet for my dog when he got into something that poisoned him. One thing, make sure to drain all the fat off – it’s harder for dogs to digest fat. Good luck with Levi. They are like our kids, aren’t they!

  5. My Chocolate Lab got into something and it was a rush to the vet. The vet suggested that I buy a special dog food for Cassidy but I asked what about cooking something for her. The vet said to cook chicken, rice cooked in chicken broth and mix it together until Cassidy felt better. After a little over a week she was back to her old self and went back to her regular dog food which I had slowly introduced with the chicken/rice mixture until it was just dog food. She is fine now. We will do whatever it takes to keep our canine “kids” happy and healthy.

  6. Yes, when they have upset bellies they get chicken/rice. My old gal (14) is and always has been a very picky eater, and my boy (7) needed to lose about 15lbs. I started roasting squash for them. My girl loves it, and eats her food right up, and I substitute about 1/4 of my boys dinner with the squash. So far he is down about 10lbs since July. 🙂

  7. Carolyn Winslow says:

    Oh yes, when our dog was ill I had to do the same thing lean hamburger and rice.
    She was 13 and she loved the home cooked food. When she went back to her dry food I had to buy can gravy and put alittle over her dry food then she ate it.
    We will do anything if it makes our elderly dog feel better they are such a big part of our family.
    I sure hope Levi feels better real soon he is so cute.

  8. Oh yes, when my dog was sick, the vet told me I should also give her hamburger and rice. Also dry bread. They`re part of the family and we will do whatever it takes to make them happy and feel better. Hope Levi is doing ok.