SURPRISE!!! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Surprise Mothers Day

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Surprise Mothers DaySometimes a picture is worth a thousand words! This was the scene at the airport. My daughter Ireland and I flew to Phoenix to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. Let’s just say it’s a moment I’ll never forget. I don’t think my mom will either. She had no clue we were coming. Thanks to my dad and my sister for helping me pull it all off!

Surprise Mothers Day 2I haven’t been back here in years. It’s going to be one special weekend. Lots of family and friends to see. Check back to see what we’re up to? Hope you have a great weekend too! What are you up to? Do you have any fun “surprise” stories to share?

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  1. joan juchemich says:

    I have tears as I read this….

    1. Bridgett Behan Pierson says:

      Babs Rich and Ireland look great…everyone is going to have so much fun! You are a beautiful family….Lots of love from your “far off relative”!!