Fall Farmers Market

Fall Famers Market

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I just love this time of year, don’t you? The leaves are starting to change here in Wisconsin and the mornings are crisp and cool. I think the farmers market is even more fun in fall! My daughter, Ireland and I are regulars at the Wednesday market on Broadway in Green Bay. We went in search of spaghetti squash. Ireland loves it! Okay, I’m a big fan too! The first stand we shopped didn’t have any but they did have the biggest cucumbers I’ve ever seen. They were bigger than Ireland’s head! Who knew? I actually prefer the baby pickling cukes, so we picked up some of those. I had to get some gorgeous tomatoes too. Won’t be long much longer for them so, I’m enjoying lots of tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil salad. My FAVE!

Next, it was time for a bouquet of sunflowers. Then, just when we though we were out of luck, there they were. A box of spaghetti and acorn squash. Jackpot! We’ll take a few of both! Ireland was so excited. And, when a kid is excited about a vegetable, I’m thrilled. So, what are we going to do with these beauties? We keep it pretty simple. I just microwave the acorn squash with brown sugar and butter. It’s so easy, and so good! And, we like spaghetti squash with lots of Parmesan cheese. It kind of tastes like spaghetti. I think your kiddos will like it the way I make it. Mine sure do! How to you make your acorn squash? What about spaghetti squash? I’m looking for some fun fall squash recipes. I’d love to feature them on my website, so please share!

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