Christmas Concert!

Irelands Christmas Concert

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Irelands Christmas ConcertAngels, shepherds, and wise men too! It’s something I look forward to every holiday season! My daughter, Ireland’s school Christmas concert! It’s a nice break from all the craziness the holidays can bring. No thoughts of the gifts I still need to buy or the Christmas cards I still need to send. For a few hours we let it all go. This year’s concert was exta special. Ireland is in 8th grade so this is her last year in grade school. I savored every minute! To see the little ones in their holiday outfits. So cute! Then, there’s the band filled with kids who are just learning to play. A few missed notes but the music never sounded sweeter. When Ireland and the rest of the choir sang Silent Night, I had to hold back the tears. What a magical night! There’s nothing better! Don’t you agree?
Irelands Christmas Concert 2

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