Tomato Time!

Tomato Time

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Are these the most beautiful tomatoes you’ve ever seen? When I was a kid I hated tomatoes, but now I’m in love with them, especially gorgeous heirloom tomatoes like these. And, no I didn’t grow all these beauties. Wish I did though! We did grow both red and yellow tomatoes this year but, they weren’t quite as pretty as these. There’s a guy at the Green Bay farmers market known as “The Tomato Guy”. His tomatoes are amazing! Almost too pretty to eat!

Tomato TimeOne of my favorite ways to eat those wonderful late summer tomatoes is in my Caprese Salad, my Bacon Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes and Texas Caviar are always a hit at parties. I also just like a nice big slice on tomato on a grilled cheese! What about you? Got any good tomato recipes? Please share!

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