Florida or Bust!

Arlo Loves Florida

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It was a few days before Christmas and we looked at the weather forecast. Shoot! No snow up north at our cottage in northern Michigan where we normally spend the holidays. No snow and rain on the way means no good skiing.

What were we going to do for a whole 10 days? We have no TV up there. We play a lot of board games but, 10 days of movies and monopoly and rain. Yikes! No thanks! My daughter Ireland said, hey why don’t we hop in the car and drive to Florida? Her best friend’s family was vacationing there for the week. Hmm…well, maybe that’s not a bad idea. So, I got online and called a few places, and sure enough there was room at the inn. Actually, it was a little apartment. And, they said yes to dogs. YES! Let’s do it!

So we packed up Uno, and Yahtzee, and Arlo the dog and off we went. Day 1 of the drive was a piece of cake! We left Green Bay by 5am, hit no traffic in Chicago (that’s a first), and by lunchtime we were in Louisville, Kentucky! We picked up sandwiches at a place called Morris Deli. The house-smoked turkey and chicken salad sandwiches were amazing! Can’t wait to go back there again some time. From there we drove through Nashville and finally we had enough. We ended up stopping for the night in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Yep, Green Bay to Chattanooga in just one day and it was still just 8pm. We’d worked up an appetite and I was bound and determined to find some good BBQ.

Sugars Ribs

I asked the locals. They always know. If you want good ribs, they said head to Sugars. It’s the real deal! Southern BBQ at it’s best!

Sugars Finger Lickin RibsThe ribs were smoked perfectly and finger lickin’ good! They were served with your choice of several different homemade BBQ sauces on the side, just how I like it. Our waiter said we had to have the grilled okra, pinto beans, mac’n cheese and banana puddin’ too! All delish!

We were wiped! It was a long day and it was time for bed! Morning came early and we were off again. Day 2 of the drive didn’t go quite as well as the first! I think a lot of other people decided to road trip to Florida too! The traffic from Atlanta to Tampa was something else! But, we made it!

Anna Maria Island

We’re staying in a little town in Florida called Anna Maria Island. It’s our first time here and we are loving it! Especially, Arlo! White sandy beaches, long walks, great seafood, and key lime pie! My FAVE! We’re here all week. Every day is a day with no plans! Gotta love that!

White Sand Beach

Key Lime Pie
Have you ever done a crazy last minute road trip like this? Know any great places we need to visit or eat here? You can see what we’re up to on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here’s hoping you’re having a great holiday week too!

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  1. Gloria Harris says:

    I hope you enjoyed Sugars, did you go feed the goats? Every time we go to Florida we stop there excellent BBQ . Three years ago we had a group of 25 people and they closed at 10 pm and waited for us until after 11 pm we were stuck in traffic jams on the way there. Not very many restaurants will wait. 5 stars to this place. Have a wonderful vacation.

  2. Karie Hatton says:

    YES. It is called serendipity. Good for you Amy..too many long days traveling all around. ENJOY! And love that they took Arlo..a double joy!

  3. What fun! It’s 5 degrees this morning in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin so you are not missing a thing here! Enjoy that beautiful weather and Happy New Year!