Back to School, Baby!

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New backpack, notebooks, binders, the works. They were ready, and to be honest, so was I. It’s been a great summer, but both my kids are now back to school. HOORAY! Back to a routine! Sure there are always a few butterflies the night before that first day back. I used to get them too. We talked through it and even though she’s not in the same class as one of her best friends, Ireland had a good first day back. My son Riley, who’s a senior, went back to school more than a week ago. He’s already caught a back to school cold and sore throat. There must be something going around. Sure seems early for that! Have your kids been sick? Anyway, he’s feeling better now but, I can tell he’s looking forward to a nice 3 day break. I think we all are! So, happy Labor Day weekend! Hope you have a great and safe one! Grill up some great memories!

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