Bowling Bash!

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Bowling Bash GroupI am absolutely no good at it! When I step up to throw the  ball, the gutters get ready! But, who cares? It’s so much fun! We recently got a few families and friends together for a bowling bash. What a blast! Grownups and kids hanging out together and having a good time. Love that! So many laughs!  We make everybody come up with a goofy name.  That makes it even more fun.  I need a really pretty ball too. I like the bright colored ones with swirls! Whoever invented electronic scoring is a rock star in my book! No more trying to figure out spares, strikes and all that jazz!

Bowling BashBut, what am talking about? I don’t worry about the score anyway! I do like a bowling alley with good food!  We had some serious good burgers and fried dill pickles at one of our favorite places to bowl when were up at the cottage.  It’s called Northern Lights in Harbor Springs, Michigan.  Where’s your favorite place to bowl? How’s the food? I may need to go check it out!

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